Regulatory and Tax Assistance for Small Business in the Transportation Industry

Go Pro, Inc. provides regulatory and tax assistance for small business focused primarily in the transportation industry. The ability of Go Pro to offer DOT compliance regulatory assistance with comprehensive file management capabilities allows companies to outsource required business commitments which can restrict and reduce the necessary operational and sales activities which are vital to business success.

We offer services for:

US DOT Requirements

  • FEIN registration
  • USDOT initial registration
  • Motor Carrier Authority
  • Unified Carrier Registration
  • HVUT tax preparation
  • DOT required equipment maintenance and repair reports
  • DOT driver file development and updating
  • Drivers daily log auditing and reporting

State Registrations and Requirements

  • Vehicle titling service
  • Base plate vehicle tags
  • IRP initial registration and renewals
  • IFTA initial registration, renewals, quarterly tax preparation, monthly summary reporting
  • Temporary trip and fuel permits
  • NY HUT permit
  • KYU number registration
  • NM Weight Distance Tax
  • Oregon Weight Receipt and Tax Identifier

The comprehensive services offered by Go Pro, Inc. give the advantage of obtaining all your DOT compliance needs in one place. Currently, many companies seek the services below are forced to use multiple vendors which increase costs and decrease bottom line profits.

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  • Full Service Business Support

    Go Pro, Inc. provides full service business support at one location which reduces time and expense for its clients.
  • DOT and State Regulations

    Go Pro, Inc. serves owner-operators and carriers alike with reliable and accurate DOT compliance solutions.
  • Years of Experience

    Go Pro, Inc. has knowledge and expertise obtained through many years of operating in the industry.