About Go Pro, Inc.


Go Pro Inc. was originally established in 1998 as a for hire carrier company. After a few short years of operating in the industry it became evident that there was an ever-present challenge for owner-operators and for hire carriers to stay current and compliant with DOT and state regulations that are required for trucking companies. Go Pro's owner, Daniel Schultz, recognized the impact of this important challenge and quickly developed the knowledge and skills to remain compliant with DOT and state regulations. His expertise in these areas helped Go Pro evolve into a company that could offer assistance to other drivers.

Go Pro began offering full service DOT compliance solutions in 2006. Today, Go Pro, Inc. continues to serve owner-operators and carriers alike with reliable and accurate DOT compliance solutions. Companies that utilize Go Pro for their necessary DOT compliance services are able to focus their efforts on what they strive to do best - sell and build their business.


Go Pro services mainly Wisconsin based trucking companies and owner operators that are required to comply with DOT regulations. Generally these companies include, but are not limited to, businesses which operate vehicles with an excess GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of 10,000 lbs.


Go Pro provides valuable services and guidance related to DOT regulatory compliance and transportation tax preparations. Individual companies are flooded with regulatory requirements which hinder their ability to do what they do best. Go Pro offers reasonably priced services which allow companies to remain in compliance with DOT regulations, and at the same time relieves the burden of dedicating time and effort to activities which are not directly related to the furtherance of their businesses. Go Pro, Inc. is committed to streamlining their services in order to help companies increase their bottom line profits.

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